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Hair Goddess


Hi, I'm Morgan, owner of Hair Goddess Salon in Austin.


I'm not only an extension expert - I'm a diehard fan who has worn hair extensions for years! When women compliment me on my hair, I love letting them in on my little secret... “Look! I’m wearing hair extensions!” But, some ladies just smile coyly, say “Thank you,” and enjoy their hair goddess glow. 

I'm sure you've seen actresses, models, and celebrities wearing hair extensions. What you may not know is that women from all walks of life wear hair extensions - real hair that they can live, work, and sleep in - and style like their very own natural mane.

So . . . those women with beautiful, long, luxuriously thick hair that you envy? That could be you! We're all hair goddesses inside. Sometimes mother nature just needs a little help.


Peruse my site for some before and after pix, take a look at the FAQs, and learn more about me and my passion for great hair,.


Welcome, hair goddesses! I'm so glad y'all are here.

Austin Hair Extensions

Hair Goddess Morgan  works her magic in her newly redecorated south Austin salon.


Ready for a Transformation?

See for yourself how comfortable hair extensions can be - no matter what your hair color, current hair length, or condition of your hair.

We can find a solution for you that looks and feels natural - incorporating your own hair into the hair extension "wefts," then coloring and styling as needed to get the look you dream of. 

See how fabulous all of these ladies look? You'd never know they were wearing hair extensions. The glow of confidence from feeling beautiful just shines through! 


Screen Shot 2024-01-31 at 8.54.54 PM.png

I have been going to Morgan for over 10 years for all of my extension needs! I always leave incredibly happy and feeling confident with my hair after spending time in her salon. Morgan is a true artist, and a very kind & helpful person! I have always highly recommended her and will continue to do so!

                             -  Megan P.

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