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The Hair Extension Process

There are many factors involved when designing YOUR dream hair solution, which is why I create a unique style profile during the initial consultation for each client. The consultation takes about an hour, and is critical to achieving a successful finished style and 100% client satisfaction.

During the consultation, I will answer all of your questions about hair extension methods, and the “Dos and Don’ts”

(and “Probably Shouldn’ts”)” when wearing extensions. Then, I'll analyze your own hair’s condition and take “Before” pictures to document the original length and density.


Then the real fun begins! Together we will play with different samples to determine what colors, texture, curl pattern, and length will result in creating the hair of your dreams! I will also put in 2 – 3 test strands so that you can begin to experience how the extensions will feel when you’re wearing them.


Of course, we’ll also discuss pricing. I will give you a firm quote before you leave and also provide you with an ongoing maintenance estimate. A 50% deposit is required before I order the necessary supplies and schedule your application.

The application itself typically takes 4 to 6 hours.  After carefully applying the extensions, we'll color and cut to ensure you have a seamless, cohesive style that makes you feel like a million bucks! Then we'll snap some fun "after" shots to give you a side-by-side comparison of your before and after looks.


Then, you can break out the champagne, get dressed up, and show the world the new you!

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